2571 Piedmont Rd
Atlanta, GA 30307
Mon-Thu: 11 am to 10 pm Fri-Sat: 11 am to 10:30 pm Sunday: Noon to 9 pm (Kitchen closes 1/2 hour before restaurant)




Garlic toast served with fresh chopped garden tomatoes (with onion), olive oil and spices.

Sweet & Sour Wings

10 or 20 wings. Spicy wings served with celery and bleu cheese dressing.

Crispy Artichokes


Lightly breaded and fried artichoke hearts served with herb aioli dipping sauce.

Calamari Fritti


Seasoned, breaded and fried squid served with marinara sauce.

Mozzarella en Carozza


Breaded fresh mozzarella, lightly fried with touch of marinara.

Mozzarella Caprese


Fresh mozzarella, roasted cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, EVOO, balsamic and basil pesto (with pine nuts).


Salads tossed in dressing except Capri, Greek and Francini. Please specify if you prefer dressing on the side. Extras: Grilled Chicken $4.00, Shrimp $5.00, Avocado $2.00, Portobello $2.00, Salmon (6 oz) $6.00, Fried Calamari $6.00.



Romaine, bruschetta (contains onion), cucumbers, roasted red pepper, avocado, carrots, shaved parmigiana, toasted almonds and red wine vinaigrette.



Spinach, avocado, asparagus, shrimp, almonds and low fat raspberry vinaigrette.


Regular or small. Romaine, plum tomatoes, Kalamata, cukes, artichokes, pepperoncini, red pepper, feta, and Greek dressing.


Small or regular. Mixed greens, plum tomatoes, kalamata olives, cucumbers, carrots, and red wine vinaigrette.


Romaine lettuce, croutons, shaved parmigiana, and homemade Caesar dressing.

Arugula Salad

Plum tomatoes, kalamata olives, parmigiana, and red wine vinaigrette.

Spinach Salad

Plum tomatoes, kalamata olives, parmigiana, and red wine vinaigrette.

Tricolore Salad

Arugula, radicchio, Belgian endive, shaved parmigiana, and red wine vinaigrette.

Capri Salad

Spinach, sliced hardboiled egg, bacon, red onion, toasted almonds, and whole grain mustard vinaigrette.


Small - 12", Medium - 14", Large - 16"

Margherita Pizza

Plum tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, drizzled with basil pesto (with pine nuts).

Wild Mushroom Pizza

Basil pesto (with pine nuts) base, assorted mushrooms, mozzarella, and olive oil.

Parmese Pizza

Gorgonzola, caramelized onions, mozzarella, prosciutto (Italian Ham - added cold).

Avocado Pizza

Arugula, bruschetta (contains onions), kalamata olives, fresh mozzarella, avocado, and a splash of balsamic vinaigrette (this is a cold pizza).

Lasagna Pizza

Traditional cheese with seasoned ricotta and seasoned ground beef.

Mixed Vegetable Pizza

Portobello mushroom, roasted red pepper, artichokes, and goat cheese.

Milanese Pizza

Basil pesto (with pine nuts) base, mozzarella, fried chicken, and red pepper.

La Bandiera Pizza

Mozzarella base (no sauce), seasoned ricotta, fresh garlic, spinach, and roasted red pepper.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Blue cheese and buffalo sauce base, grilled chicken, bacon, caramelized onions, with mozzarella and cheddar.

Sicilian Cheese Pizza


Thick crust and cheese. Additional toppings can be added at an extra cost.




Mozzarella, seasoned ricotta cheese with a side of marinara. Additional toppings can be added at an extra cost.


Served with your choice of French fries or mixed greens.

Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich


Breaded chicken with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese on hero bread.

Crispy Chicken Sandwich


Dill pickle brined fried chicken, lettuce, tomato, mustard aioli and dill pickles served on a Kaiser roll.

Grilled Veggie Sandwich


Portobello, red pepper, zucchini, squash, arugula, radicchio and chipotle mayo served on hero bread.

Eggplant Parmigiana Sandwich


Breaded chicken with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese and served on hero bread.

Meatball Parmigiana Sandwich


Meatballs with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese served on hero bread.


Add chicken $4.00, sausage $3.00, or shrimp $5.00. Whole wheat penne add $2.00, gluten free pasta add $3.00 (full orders only).

Lobster Ravioli


Lobster and cheese filled ravioli with crab meat and spinach in pink sauce.

Farfalle e Gambaretti

Bow tie pasta, spicy tomato cream sauce, mild Italian sausage, sautéed shrimp, and fresh mozzarella.

Spaghetti aglio olio e Pepperoncini


Spaghetti, sausage, banana peppers, arugula, EVVO, in garlic - white wine sauce.

Baked Ziti


Penne with seasoned ricotta, tomato sauce, and melted mozzarella. Substitute meat sauce add $1.90.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Spaghetti served with homemade marinara sauce with our freshly made meatballs (contains pork).

Penne alla Vodka

Penne in a creamy pink sauce with a touch of vodka and prosciutto (Italian ham).

Fettuccine Alfredo


Fettuccine pasta with a cream and Romano cheese sauce.

Lasagna di Casa


Traditional homemade meat lasagna.

Spaghetti Marinara


Served with homemade marinara sauce.

Angel Hair Marsala


Angel hair pasta in marsala cream sauce with chicken, sun dried tomato, and grated Parmesan.

Gnocchi Bolognese

Homemade potato "dumplings" served in a creamy meat sauce.

Ravioli Pomodoro e Basilica

Cheese filled ravioli served in tomato and basil sauce.

Angel Hair alle Vongole


Little neck clams served in a red or white sauce over angel hair pasta.

Spinach Gnocchi


Spinach gnocchi in gorgonzola cream sauce, with asparagus and roasted red pepper.


Slow cooked Arborio rice. Extra protein and vegetables can be added at an additional cost.



Slow cooked Arborio rice with your choice of one protein and two vegetables.

Specialty veggie toppings add $1.00. Gourmet veggie toppings add $2.00. Extra protein add $3.00. Extra veggies add $1.25.


Served with your choice of spaghetti marinara or potatoes - (Tuscan or roasted) and steamed broccoli.

Pollo Marsala


With mushrooms in a Marsala wine sauce, side of Tuscan potatoes and garlic spinach.

Salmon Fagioli


Oven roasted salmon filet over risotto, with sautéed baby spinach and black beans.

Pollo Caprese


Chicken breast with roasted cherry tomatoes and fresh basil in a balsamic reduction, topped with melted mozzarella over angel hair pasta.

Eggplant Parmigiana


Lightly battered and fried eggplant with tomato sauce, topped with melted mozzarella.

Pollo Parmigiana


Breaded chicken breast, tomato sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese.

Pollo Francese


Egg battered chicken breast sautéed in lemon and white wine sauce.

Kids Menu

May substitute penne with butter for marinara, or steamed broccoli for fries.

Kids Grilled Chicken & Broccoli


Grilled chicken and broccoli tossed with penne, garlic and oil.

Kids Panino & Fries


Melted American cheese on panino bread and fries.

Shirley Temple


Raspberry lemonade.


Crispy Brussel Sprouts


Flash fried.

French Fries




Two meatballs (contains pork) in marinara. Add melted mozzarella and garlic toast $2.00 (great as an appetizer).

Side of Basil Pesto


Contains pine nuts.

Garlic Bread


Add melted mozzarella and marinara dipping sauce for $2.00.




Homemade and heavenly.

Chocolate Decadence


Mile high chocolate fudge cake.

Carrot Cake


Homemade with sweet cream cheese icing (contains pecans).



Our tartufo is a true Italian delicacy vanilla and chocolate gelato with cherry and almond. Encased in a premium chocolate shell.

Brownie Sundae


Fudgy brownie, two scoops of your favorite gelato, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup.